The Beckham Brood Played Around On The Set Of Modern Family

Photo: Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock.
We adore the Dunphys from ABC's Modern Family, but there's one clan who will always amaze us: the Beckhams. David and Victoria Beckham plus their four cute kids make up the coolest family ever. So, imagine our sheer delight when we saw that the Beckhams visited the set of Modern Family and even hung out with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Worlds: They are colliding.
Victoria Beckham posted this fun photo to her Instagram on Thursday with the caption "Dunphy's are out, the Beckham's moved in. The new modern family!" The Beckham family consists of mom, dad, Harper, Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn, the eldest, whose photography book, What I See, came out in June.
Photo: Via @victoriabeckham.
Of course, photos must come naturally to them with their parents being stars. I don't know what's more amazing about this photo: how naturally photogenic all the Beckham kids are or Ferguson's eye-catching pose. Not to mention the patriarch of the family is looking like a true dad in the back. That's the stance of a guy who knows how to camp and makes a lot of puns.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitch on the television show, reposted the photo and added "The role of Claire is being played by @victoriabeckham. The role of Phil is being played by @davidbeckham. The role of Victoria Beckham is being played by @jessetyler. Thank you all for coming to visit the Modern Family set today! We loved having you all!!!"
Later, he added a little edit to clarify, "The family was only visiting the set, not shooting an episode. Although I think David could be Lily's new soccer coach."
Who do we need to call to make this happen? This has to happen! In the meantime we can treasure the fact that the Beckhams may not be on the show Modern Family, but they're definitely an awesome bunch IRL.
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