The Truth About Those ColourPop & Ulta Rumors

Remember that feeling of pure joy you experienced earlier this week when you found out that ColourPop would soon be available at Sephora? Nothing was more exciting than learning that your favorite liquid lipstick and pressed shadow palette will finally be within hand's reach. Perhaps this is the same feeling you had when yesterday, those rumors started circulating about ColourPop also hitting Ulta Beauty. But before you turn into the "Heavy Breathing Cat" meme, listen up — apparently, none of it is true.
In a tweet yesterday, one anxious shopper asked Ulta Beauty's Twitter account for confirmation of the rumors. At the time, the beauty retailer responded coyly, tweeting, "Details will be available soon. Be sure to keep an eye out!" As you can probably imagine, this tweet started an avalanche of excitement from fans all over. Turns out, that tweet was incorrect.
In fact, a rep for Ulta Beauty tells Refinery29 that this was all just one big misunderstanding. She says that, although Ulta does love Colourpop and thinks its a great brand, there are no immediate plans to sell the products at the store. At this time, Ulta is looking into who tweeted out the misinformation.
Unfortunately, it looks like beauty lovers jumped the gun on this Twitter rumor. We'll stick to shopping on ColourPop's website (and at Sephora) in order to get our Lippie Stix fix. Don't be too upset, though — you can always use that money today to shop Ulta's huge one-day sale.
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