Bryan Abasolo's Love Note For Rachel Lindsay Is On A Whole Other Level

On Monday night, millions of viewers watched in awe as The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay cast away Eric Bigger and Peter Kraus in favor of professional spine adjuster Bryan Abasolo. The reactions to his win and the way the entire three-hour finale went down were...well, mixed. In fact, there was so much backlash online that it seems the only people who might actually be happy for the newly engaged couple are Lindsay and Abasolo themselves.
Despite people saying that there's no way to find true love on a shallow — yet entertaining! — show, a love note written by Abasolo to his fiancée on Instagram appears to show otherwise.
"Rachel my love, my rock!! It's felt like forever, but the wait is finally over," Abasolo captioned the post, which also features the Brian McKnight song, "Back at One."
He continued: "No longer do I have to keep secret how in love w you I truly am from the rest of the world! Hearing you say 'yes' on the top of that castle in Spain was the greatest moment of my life! I was optimistic about what could be prior to stepping out of that limo but never in my wildest dreams could I had foreseen us building such a strong foundation and deep bond in the last 6 months. Every single day literally gets better and better with you and reaffirms that God placed you in my path for a reason."
Abasoo went on to mention that the couple had been "through so much," but somehow forgot to mention the time Lindsay said she could picture herself with Kraus shortly before accepting his own proposal.
To end his love essay, Abasolo wrote that he is excited "to start our new life together full of fun and adventure," and promised "to cherish you forever." He also included the hashtag #whenyouknowyouknow.
Sorry, Kraus, but it doesn't sound like Lindsay's living just a "mediocre life."

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