These Awful Pump Rooms Will Make You Appreciate Your Makeshift Closet Situation

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Finding the time to pump at work and a suitable place to do it in can be as stressful as the entire workday itself — especially when it boils down to choosing between pumping in the bathroom or in the cramped closet next to the copy machine. There is no gold sticker for choosing the lesser of two evils, and unfortunately, that's just another day in the life of being a parent who breastfeeds.
Just in time for Breastfeeding Awareness Month, the #IPumpedHere campaign is here, and it's not just another sassy hashtag; it's a movement.
The social campaign was started by Moms Rising, a non-profit activist organization that aims to show employers just how important lactation facilities really are. According to Mom's Rising, "60% of women don't have access to proper pumping facilities." And because of this, the hashtag calls for parents to share their horror stories and to post pictures of the awful places they've had to pump.
Scarymommy shared the news this morning, embedding tweets from women showing off newly filled milk bottles resting in the sun inside a car, or a graffiti-filled bathroom that looks like the place you might've smoked your first cigarette, each with the tag #IPumpedHere.
And this isn't the first time we've seen pumping rooms that look straight out of a horror movie. Just last month, Tommee Tippee, the baby bottle brand, held a contest to find the "scariest" pump rooms out there. The reward for the room in the most dismay? Tommee Tippee gave one lucky winner a redesign to transform their space into the comfortable oasis they all should be.
Similar to the #IPumpedHere campaign, the Scary Pump Room contest yielded submissions from all over — and the results are pretty terrifying.
Ahead, check out the top four finalists from Tommee Tipee's contest earlier this month. After seeing these rooms, your makeshift extra storage closet situation may just feel like a penthouse.
August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. For more stories on pumping, nursing, or choosing not to do either, head over to our Mothership page.

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