You Can Visit Canada's National Parks For Just $171 Round-Trip

Photo: Henryk Welle/Getty Images.
You may have heard from your outdoor-savvy friends that Canada's national parks are offering up free admission all year long. But even with that very enticing promotion, there's still the issue of actually getting to Canada to enjoy those parks. According to Travel & Leisure, however, flights are dipping down to $171, so now's the perfect time to plan a Canadian getaway.
Thanks to data culled from Scott's Cheap Flights, T&L found flights from major U.S. cities to national park-adjacent cities such as "Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg."
Of course, cities close to our northern neighbor are getting the better prices. Flights from Seattle to Calgary, which is close to Banff National Park, are down to $171. Flying out of New York City, tickets to Winnipeg and Riding Mountain National Park are about $250. Edmonton and Jasper National Park are an even better deal, with flights coming in at $240.
Over on the West Coast, there's Victoria and the Gulf Islands, which add a dash of seaside glory to the usual park vistas of mountains and forests. Flights from popular hubs such as Denver and Portland to Vancouver, which is just a quick ferry ride to Victoria and its environs, ring in at only $202.
T&L reports that the cheap flights aren't exclusive to any specific carrier. To find the best values, head to Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, United, and Delta, and choose your destination wisely. There's no rush on the low prices, either, with a few low-priced flights extending into June of 2018. But remember, that free admission only lasts until the end of this year.
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