The One Beauty Product Adam Levine Always Steals From His Wife

When you live with your significant other, you end up sharing more things than not. Your cookware, your Netflix subscription, the sputtering AC unit you’ve had since college — almost everything becomes fair game the second you sign your name on the lease. Frustratingly for anyone who likes to use their expensive facial cleansers as sparingly as possible down to the last drop, beauty products tend to get mixed up in the nebulous gap between “theirs” and “yours.”
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From an outside standpoint, there are varying degrees of just how serious the infraction is when quote, unquote “sharing” your partner’s products. Did you ask if you could use it? No problem. Did you ask if you could use it after you’d actually used it? No harm done — they’ll never know, probably. Was it a one-time thing, because you’d run out of your own and hadn’t found time to replace it? Understandable. But according to Behati Prinsloo, the new face of SK-II, Adam Levine is committing what is in our minds the worst kind of cohabitation crime: using his wife’s products because he refuses to buy his own.
“He definitely uses my facial moisturizers a lot,” Prinsloo told Fashionista in an interview. “He doesn't have one that he buys for himself so he always steals mine.”
Prinsloo, however, doesn't seem to mind. “I sometimes use his deodorant if I can't find mine, because I somehow always misplace mine,” she said, laughing. “It’s so stupid.” Perhaps revenge is actually a dish best served by putting your spouse’s deodorant stick in your own armpit. Or perhaps these things just don't bother you as much if you're a rockstar and a supermodel cohabitating in a $17-million-dollar home instead of a Bushwick studio like the rest of us.
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