The Biggest Perks Of Dating A Beauty Industry Veteran

Louisa Cannell.
All you need is love? Um... sure. Unless your relationship also happens to hold an all-access, backstage pass to Hollywood's elite. More specifically: A front-row seat at Julianne Hough's wedding, a cameo in a Beyoncé music video, or an opportunity to hold Kate Winslet's Oscar the day after she won the Academy Award.
That's just a sampling of some of the biggest perks that come with being the significant other to a beauty industry pro. (You know, the ingenious hair and makeup team behind your favorite red carpet looks.) So yeah, when Vincent van Gogh famously said that the best thing about love is the energy it gives, he obviously wasn't dating a member of the glam squad.
Ahead, we asked five significant others to spill the tea — on the biggest benefits, the funniest moments ("I kept getting canceled on for this chick named Nina Dobrev!"), and everything else that's just as great to have and to hold as the person sitting next to them through it all.
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Louisa Cannell.
Hair Colorist Jason Backe & Hairstylist Ted Gibson

Meet Cute: In beauty school in Minneapolis — where Gibson was a teacher. "I was his student, but we started dating right after he got promoted," Backe says. The rest, as they say, is history: "We just celebrated our 20-year wedding anniversary!" After meeting, the pair moved to NYC where — shortly after Gibson began working with Angelina Jolie — they opened up a string of hair salons. "Being business partners works because I cut and style, while Jason colors the hair," Gibson says. [Edit note: The couple recently closed all salons to pursue other opportunities.]

Celebrity Clients: Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o, Ashley Greene, Debra Messing, and Gabrielle Union.
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#tbt to chillin with Oprah when @tedgibson and I did makeovers for her show.

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Biggest Perks: "I've always said, 'I don’t need to be a celebrity, I just want them to invite me to their parties,'" Backe laughs. "So our life together is a dream come true. Debra Messing just invited us to Soho House [in NYC] to watch Dirty Dancing with her and 20 friends. Lupita [Nyong'o] came to our wedding. My world before Ted was 4-H Club and Boy Scouts [laughs]."

More important than the A-list friendships, of course — and getting to watch epic beauty magic happen firsthand, like when the duo helped Jessica Chastain transform from her role in The Heiress to the red carpet — is the perk of getting to work together.

"We balance each other out," Backe says. "Ted is a visionary; he’s always coming up with new ideas that push me out of my comfort zone. If I had never met him, I would probably still be living in Minneapolis, working at the same salon, and be very content." Gibson adds: "We have different ideas; he’s the pragmatic one who puts the puzzle together. I help create the puzzle." And it's working. But let's not forget the best perk of 'em all: "Ted also benefits every week when I have to color his hair in our kitchen [laughs]," Backe says.
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Louisa Cannell.
Hairstylist Riawna Capri & Morgan Beau

Meet Cute: Five years ago at the salon Capri co-founded, Nine Zero One. "I was just graduating from UCLA, and I had this terrible hair situation," Beau says. "I’m a natural blond but in college, I decided to be a rebel and dye it jet black. But when I tried to go back to blond, my hair turned orange — it was basically the worst look I've ever had." She quickly set up an appointment with Capri at the salon, "but I kept getting canceled on for this chick named Nina Dobrev [laughs]." The pair remained friends for two years before dating. "That was the last time I paid for a haircut." As you can tell, Beau isn't in the beauty world; she works at a music company in L.A.

Celebrity Clients: Julianne Hough, Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Nina Dobrev.
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Biggest Perks: Getting to travel the world often — and in style. "I get to go on some pretty amazing trips sometimes," Beau says. "Any time Riawna has time off we're always going somewhere. We once took a trip to New Zealand trip with Nina [Dobrev] and a bunch of friends back when we first started dating, and that was a lot of fun. We did everything — fishing, ATVs, bungee jumping — it was jam-packed and amazing."

She credits her adventures not necessarily to her newfound celebrity friendships, but also to the people they've gotten to meet along the way "and become friends with organically," Beau says. And the fact that the couple wears the same size clothes doesn't hurt, either.

"Riawna is gifted a lot of things by PR agencies or fashion brands, so that's a really nice thing that I never have to shop," she says. "It sounds terrible and it’s so strange to me that the people who obviously don’t need free things, or can afford to buy them, get free things. But I wear the clothes, too, so I can't complain. It’s just weird!"
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Louisa Cannell.
Makeup Artist Sir John & William Harrison

Meet Cute: Through mutual friends. "We've been in the same circle for years, but we didn't really start chatting until a friend's party five years ago," Harrison tells us. "I’m happy to say I met Sir John before his career really took off, and it’s just been really fun to be by his side for the ride — especially since my everyday life normally revolves around circle time with 3-year-olds and planning play time with my students [laughs]." (Harrison, if you hadn't guessed it, is a pre-school teacher in NYC.)

Celebrity Clients: Beyoncé, Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Graham, Jourdan Dunn, Olivia Culpo, and Joan Smalls.
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Biggest Perks: Harrison often joins Sir John when he goes on tour with Beyoncé, which is when, in 2013, he was asked to be an extra in one of her music videos. "[Sir John] was in Puerto Rico with Bey shooting videos for 'Heaven' and 'Jealous' during the tour, and asked me to come," Harrison says. "I usually like to hang back and let his work be his work, but then he turned to me and said, 'How would you feel being in the video? Get dressed — be ready in five minutes.'"

The impending party scene on the beach was one he'll remember forever: "That was the first time I got to meet Bey and the team, and we’ve been buddies ever since. The music video was just the bonus!"

Sir John has also blessed Harrison's skin with some next-level beauty swag. "My apartment is a girl's paradise, with tons and tons of beauty products across the board, and I've also been introduced to the world of La Mer, La Prairie, which I wouldn't have access to otherwise," he says. "I had no idea you could do so many things — he taught me how to wash my face. Then there's moisturizer, eye cream. It's game-changing."
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Louisa Cannell.
Manicurist Deborah Lippmann & Jude Severin

Meet Cute: At Birdland, a jazz club in NYC. "I was going through a bad breakup and one of my girlfriends begged me to go out to a jazz club," Lippmann says. "It was snowing, so we arrived super late and had to sit at the bar." Since jazz bars typically enforce a no-talking policy, Severin — a bartender at the time — had to make his move on the sly. "He slipped me a note across the bar and we were making eyes at each other all night long." The pair went on a date the very next day — and nine months later, Severin proposed on a helipad before zooming off into the sky. But it gets even better: The duo launched the Deborah Lippmann brand in 1999 — the same year they got married — and have been business partners ever since.

Celebrity Clients: Lady Gaga, Lupita Nyong'o, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mary J. Blige.
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Biggest Perks: Besides having a Deborah Lippmann nail polish named after him, Severin says he's most grateful for the opportunities him and his wife have come across: "Our life is never boring and it’s constantly changing. There is never a dull moment." For example, the pair got to hold Kate Winslet's Oscar the day after the Academy Awards. "It was so moving to be in the presence of someone who won such a prestigious award," Lippmann says.

Adds Severin: "Deborah and I are so lucky to be in an industry where we interact with people at the top of their field in so many different categories — music, fashion, finance, design. But at the end of the day, I’m just lucky to be sharing these experiences with the woman I love." Swoon.
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Louisa Cannell.
Hairstylist Matt Fugate & Laura Gammel

Meet Cute: At a hotel in NYC. "One of my friends had just come from getting her hair cut by Matt and colored by one of Matt's friends, and she told them she was going to meet up with her two Australian girlfriends," Gammel says. "They practically invited themselves! We were at the Rivington Hotel, and he pulled me on the dance floor." Flash forward to April of this year and the couple tied the knot. While Gammel isn't an artist, she isn't totally removed from the industry: she works as a communications director for an agency that represents behind-the-scenes professionals like hairstylist and stylists. (And no, they don't rep Fugate.)

Celebrity Clients: Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Jaimie Alexander, Rashida Jones, and Natasha Lyonne.
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Biggest Perks: Good hair days, every single day. In fact, the couple made a New Year's resolution to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning of 2017 so Fugate can do Gammel's hair. "That way, we have a small moment together in the morning to start the day off right together," she recently told us. "My bathroom also looks like a salon with the amount of product we get sent to test out, and I also get to try out new products before they hit shelves, which is always fun."

Of course, being married to a celebrity hairstylist brings its share of elbow-bumping with A-listers: "On our second date, he took me to a SNL after party — he was definitely out to impress," she says. "Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry were hosting and I had only lived in NYC for three months at the time, so celeb encounters were still new to me at this stage. None of Matt's friends had arrived yet, so we befriended a then-unknown Rooney Mara, right as The Social Network was coming out."

That night, of course, came the first time Gammel remembers being starstruck: "Justin walked straight up to our circle — which by that point was the entire SNL cast and the two of us — and he introduced himself, saying, 'Hi, my names Justin,' trying to play it cute. He was a complete sweetheart."
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