Halle Berry Brought Back Your Middle School Hair Wrap — & It's Even Cooler Now

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Update: Castillo Bataille, Halle Berry's hairstylist, revealed the details behind this nostalgic style. "This look was inspired by the season and the vibe that's taking place at the moment," he tells R29. "In my mind, Halle is a beautiful island queen that wears bling in her hair and enjoys hot summer nights."
To bring out her inner beach goddess, Castillo stuck to a simple technique: "I used different types of material... yarn, gold wire, leather lace," he said. With those, he created knots down a previously braided lock of her hair. He notes that this same process is commonly seen on dreadlocks.
Looking to try this out yourself? Keep these wise words in mind. "Have fun with this style," he says. "Less is not more when creating, but it's always good to take little breaks to step back and see your work from every angle. Get inspired by your favorite colors and use those colors when picking your materials. Add charms and rings to really take this look to the next level."
This story was originally published on August 1, 2017, at 4:00 p.m.
If you're looking for someone to shake shit up on the red carpet, Halle Berry is your girl. She sent gossip blogs into a frenzy after cradling her "baby bump" (which she says was just the aftereffect of steak and fries). Her voluminous curls from the Oscars inspired a handful of memes (which didn't mind, either). And now, in the height of summer, she's giving us another reason to talk.
At last night's Kidnap movie premiere, the star brought back some sweet memories of our pre-teen years with her straight, center-parted hair and sunny streaks of highlights. The sleek style was the perfect canvas for her hair wrap — yes, her hair wrap — which wrapped around a small front section of hair. It wasn't just gorgeous on Berry, but it also reminded us of those yarn wraps we all made with our best homegirls during arts and crafts at summer camp.
Of course, Berry's look was a bit more elevated than the ones we used to create with Quick Wrap. Her elaborate twist, done by hairstylist Castillo, was pieced together with gold hoops. He described the look as "beauty and the bling" – and the man is pretty spot on. We've also got to acknowledge Berry's monochromatic game: Her pink and green wrap perfectly matched her camouflage Church Boutique miniskirt. (Because yes, apparently those are back in style, too.)
Our favorite accessory from the evening, though, had to be the actress' Best Mother trophy from her on-screen son, Sage Correa. Berry, who plays a single mother looking for vengeance in the film, told Variety that she was drawn to the plot for the best reason ever: “I love seeing a woman, and a woman of color, get to save the day," she said. "Men save the day all the time in movies and it’s nice to see a woman do what I know women can do.”
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