A Comprehensive Guide To Kylie Jenner's Clique

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Kylie Jenner's life is anything but normal. The reality star was been on television screens as the youngest child of the Kardashian-Jenner family since she was 9 years old. She never had the chance to opt out of fame — it was decided for her. Now, a decade later, she's still figuring out how to navigate the world under a microscope. And while she may seem like the least relatable person to the average young adult, there is one aspect in which she is just like us: she is obsessed with her crew of friends.
Thanks to her own limited reality series, Life of Kylie, we are finally getting a closer look at exactly what it means to run in Kylie's inner-circle. The 19-year-old social-media influencer and makeup mogul is lifting the curtain that separates her public life (read: well thought out Instagram selfies) and her private life (read: acting weird with her friends).
She is finally ready for the world to know the real her (but is it the real her?), which also means knowing her tight-knit clique. We've already given you a quick guide to some of Kylie's original squad, but there are so many new people to add to the line-up after the premiere of her new E! series. Of course, there are more people than the ones we have listed here who come over to hang out the millionaire's mansion, but these friends are more like family to her — something she takes very seriously.
It's time to learn, love, and follow all the people that make the teen entrepreneur's world spin. Try to keep up.
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