Selena Gomez Celebrated Her New Music Video By Getting Bangs

Between celebrating her 25th birthday and dropping the full version of her long-awaited music video for “Fetish” earlier this afternoon, Selena Gomez has had a very eventful week — and it’s only Wednesday. Most people might hold out for a calmer interlude to make a major hair change, but then again, Gomez isn’t most people.
If a photo posted to Instagram by the star’s go-to hairstylist Marissa Marino is to be believed, then Selena kicked off her insanely busy week with a new set of side-swept bangs to match. “Guess who wanted bangs again,” Marino, who’s also responsible for the choppy bob the actress-singer wears in the “Fetish” video, captioned the image.
Unsurprisingly, Selena's new 'do looks fantastic. But as any hairstylist, anyone who’s ever had them, and anyone who’s too afraid to get them will gladly tell you, bangs are a commitment. Before you take the leap, you need to have an idea of which kind will be the right fit for your lifestyle, a plan for what to do if it doesn’t work out, a willingness to make certain compromises, and a steady income. Wait, no, that’s getting a dog. In that case, we say go for it — it's certainly safer than eating lipstick or clamping an eyelash curler on your tongue....

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