Here's How This Drugstore Brand Is Making A Big Difference For Children

Growing up in a suburban Connecticut neighborhood, the only kind of natural disaster I experienced was the laundry room on weekends when the floor was covered with dirty socks, shirts, and underwear my mom separated by color. But there are a lot of children out there who aren't as lucky — and live in areas of the world at high risk of violence, disease, and neglect.
Lately, beauty brands have been working harder to not only deliver effective products, but also put their money toward charities and organizations that support good causes. Now, Garnier is partnering with UNICEF, one of the longest-running non-profits dedicated to helping children in different — and often dangerous — circumstances. The drugstore brand will donate a total of $1.3 million every year for the next three years to the organization's Child Friendly Spaces.
In a statement announcing the partnership, Ikdeep Singh, president of Maybelline, Garnier & Essie at L'Oréal USA, said, "In emergencies, UNICEF uses Child Friendly Spaces to foster an essential sense of security, normalcy and trust, ensuring that society’s youngest and most defenseless can continue to grow, flourish and connect with others in their community to build a brighter future together."
Here's why this donation is a big deal: This kind of support could provide the resources — including kits of toothbrushes, soap, towels, books, art, supplies and more — for up to 300,000 children in need. Even better, every purchase of a kit provides up to three months-worth of education to 40 children. That's what we like to call beauty with a purpose.
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