Patrick Stewart Is Adorably Confused About Why People Put Avocado On Sandwiches

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
Millennials, xennials...whatever you want to call us, one thing is for certain: we love our damn avocados. Whether it’s spread on toast, pulverized into delicious guac, or wrapped in a sandwich, we the people under the age of approximately 35 love our savory green fruits prepared any which way (well, maybe not every way).
However, if you ask actor Patrick Stewart, these little guys don’t belong on our sandwiches.
During an interview with Bustle to promote his latest, The Emoji Movie, Stewart and costar Maya Rudolph were asked to partake in a millennial-themed game. In the game, a set of a emoji appear and players need to guess what the two combined visuals mean. In the first set an image of an avocado and a piece of toast appear. Although the iconic Star Trek actor didn’t quite get the cultural message (Rudolph guessed it immediately), he did have thoughts.
“Do you use avocado in sandwiches?” he said, as if preparing to go into an epic diatribe. "There are so many sandwiches now that happen to have avocado in them, and the moment you bite into it, the sandwich slides apart because the avocado is so slippery." Of course Stewart said this with a dramatic hand motion, fit for an actor of his caliber. Which, for me personally, instantly manifested the image of a giant-sized avocado sliding across the floor of a nameless sandwich shop, just as I began taking a large bite. Stewart had a point. Rudolph also agreed. After the funny exchange, the interviewer held up another set of emoji, a television and a snowflake. Both Stewart and Rudolph couldn’t guess that one…
It was Netflix and chill. Considering yourself privileged to be clueless about that cultural paradigm, guys.
Check out the rest of the interview below.

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