McDonald Just Added Guacamole To A Select Few Menu Items

If you thought the avocado craze had stopped short of the major fast food chains, McDonald's is about to turn your world upside-down. The company just released a new line of menu items that aren't reminiscent of its usual menu offerings. The collection is called Signature Crafted Recipes, and though all the new sandwiches look special, there are three that have avo-lovers particularly excited. That's because they're all topped with the chain's new Pico Guacamole.
McDonald's website explains that its Pico Guacamole is made with Hass avocados and Pico de Gallo. The pico is prepared with Roma tomatoes, onion, and flavors of lime and cilantro. The spread is featured across the new sandwich line. First up is the Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken, which comes with the guac, lettuce, white cheddar, a grilled chicken breast, and buttermilk ranch sauce.
There's also a Pico Guacamole Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich on the new Signature Crafted Recipes menu. This sandwich comes with all the same fixings, except this chicken breast is crispy. Finally, if burgers are more your speed, the Pico Guacamole features a beef quarter-pound patty. With each of these three sandwiches, customers can chose an artisan roll or a sesame seed bun.
While these sandwiches might sound intriguing if for no other reason than they're pretty far outside the usual McDonald's box, what we really wanted to know is: can we just order a side of guac? Though it's not on the official menu, we've seen some folks on social media sharing photos the dip in a little cup. Now that the chain is making guacamole for the three Signature Crafted Recipe menu items, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a little extra on the side, right? Imagine dipping fries or McNuggets in some guac. Who needs ketchup, anyway?

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