Stop What You're Doing & Appreciate Drake's Tattoo Of Lil Wayne's Face

Photo: Bruce Yeung/NBAE/Getty Images.
There's something beautiful and perfect about Drake and Lil Wayne's friendship. Maybe it's that their both extremely talented rappers who are always at the top of their game. Or maybe it's because they rattle off hit after hit. But mostly, it's because they know how to shout each other out. And for Drake, that means getting Lil Wayne's face tattooed on his bicep.
Fans recently spotted the new ink on the left bicep of the Canadian rapper when he was rocking a tank top. The tattoo is quite large, and clearly shows Lil Wayne's face. But it's not just any image of Wayne, it's one featuring his signature smirk, and an upwards turned flat bill. As someone who has more than 20 tattoos, it's no surprise that Drake would carve out a piece of prime real estate to dedicate to his long-time mentor. The “A Milli” rapper helped Drake get his start in the music industry back in 2009, when he signed the star to his Young Money label. Together, the two have worked on over 30 collaborations together (34 according to XXL magazine in 2015, and 30ish according to Lil Wayne fans on this forum).
Here is Drake's inky tribute:
And here is an imagined response tattoo on Lil Wayne's chest, courtesy a creative fan:
Still no word on when Drake is getting his Celine Dion tattoo, though.
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