Drake Wants A Celine Dion Tattoo & We Really Want Him To Get It

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This year's Billboard Music Awards were the best Drake ever had. Not only did the singer break a BBMAs record by winning 13 awards — the most wins in a night for any artist since Adele won 12 in 2012 — but Drake also met Celine Dion and lucky for us, there are photos to prove it. Oh, and they are magnificent photos. But there's also a video of Drake that has him claiming he's just about "a year away" from getting a Dion tattoo and, now we really want him to get it.
In the clip, Drake tells Dion that it "means the world" to him to finally meet her and then drops the bombshell that he's been thinking of getting a little ink in her likeness. He then points to his left side as the spot where he'd like to get it before saying "Celine." It's unclear whether he wants her name on him, or her likeness, either way, we're all in on this.
Now, Drake's confession could be deemed hyperbole, but when he met fellow Canadian Dion he actually bowed down to her Wayne's World-style to let her know he's not worthy. Basically, his love for her checks out and honestly, who doesn't love her? We can't deny that Dion is a queen and we're happy to see just how much Drizzy respects pop royalty.
Not that Drake hasn't already shown respect for his idols. This is a guy who has a back tattoo of Aaliyah, so yes, Drake takes his fandom very seriously. Though, he doesn't seem to take his tattoos that seriously being that he has one of Drakkar Noir.
But his love for Dion is definitely serious. Drake posted a black and white Instagram of him with Dion and his dad, who may have actually walked away from this epic photo saying, "Da Celine Way." It's a catchphrase we'd certainly like to see catch on, like, now please.
What we really want, though, is for Drake to get this ink. Maybe if we all work together and tweet him our support he may just get that Dion tattoo he's been on the fence about. This tattoo would be the clearest sign that this really is a great time to be alive.

My dad might have walked away from this pic and said "Da Celine Way"

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