Drake's New Tattoo Is Surprising (Or Is It?)

Drakkar Noir is more than just a cologne — it’s a cultural touchpoint. The bestselling men’s prestige fragrance of 1991 is so iconic that not only does it have its own standalone Wikipedia page (of course it does), but it also has a standalone Wikipedia page that contains this gem: “Due to its ubiquity in the 1980s, the cologne is often associated with the decade in modern popular culture, often to indicate that the wearer is either from a culture just experiencing the decade due to cultural diffusion or just generally behind the times.” What else is there to say?
But despite its reputation as the go-to fragrance of mid-eighties teenagers (and, randomly, the kidnappers in Taken), there’s at least one place where Drakkar Noir is seeing a surprising resurgence: Drake’s arm. The rapper, who released his new project More Life on Saturday night, turned up in Sweden over the weekend for a visit to tattoo artist Niki Norberg — and left with the cologne’s classic black bottle permanently embossed on his shoulder.
Diehard fans from way back will recall that @drakkardnoir was Drizzy’s original Twitter handle, but as for whether the throwback ink signifies things to come or is just a token of nostalgia, we’ll have to wait and see. What we do know is that Drake has yet to commit to a tattooed tribute to Jimmy Brooks — so we’re still waiting on that one, too.

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