Boston-San Francisco Flights Are Less Than $300 & We're Packing Our Bags

Photo: Getty Images.
August is the ideal vacation month. You can wind down summer by jetting off to a new place, and relax for a moment before fall gets into full swing.
If you live in Boston or San Francisco (or are consider some upcoming East Coast-West Coast travel), United has the perfect late-summer escape for you. The Flight Deal reports that roundtrip flights from Boston to San Francisco (and vice versa) are only $296.
That amazing price is only good for August flights, and it doesn’t include a standard carryon bag (curse you, United!). Tickets have to be booked at least 21 days in advance, so start planning your final getaway of summer now! If your bags are basically already packed, you can take advantage of the deal using ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search. Use the criteria in this screenshot:
Photo: Courtesy of The Flight Deal.
If you need more help, The Flight Deal has a great guide on how to use the search software for flight deals. Once you find your flight, you can book through The Flight Deal’s Priceline link. If you're looking for one last summer adventure, this could be it. Happy travels!

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