CVS Is About To Drop Lots Of New Products — & Here's Everything You Need

Maintaining the beauty collection of your dreams isn’t always gentle on your wallet. We get it: While spending your weekly lunch budget on a haul at Sephora or Nordstrom may feed your skin (and soul), it's not exactly great for your savings account. Luckily, a clever mix of high/low in your medicine cabinet is a solution that strikes the perfect balance of smart and savvy.
Today is your day, fellow bargain shopper, because CVS is dropping a ton of new launches from our favorite, affordable brands — and we’re ready to shop it all. It’s no secret that hunting down the best goods can be difficult from rows and rows of beauty products. And while we’d love to stand there examining five different mascaras through the packaging all day, we simply can’t. To make the shopping experience easier, CVS gave us an exclusive peek at the coolest launches from brands like Maybelline, Yes To, and L’Oréal, so we could formulate the perfect shopping list now to save time — and money — later.
Click ahead to check out the newest launches to hit CVS this July and August.

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