An Underwater Winery Just Opened In Croatia & We're Already Packing Our Bags

There are plenty of reasons to travel to Croatia, including its rich history, beautiful coast, amazing food, and killer sunsets. (Your Instagram feed will be the envy of all your friends.) But if all that isn't enough to convince you, the country's first underwater winery will surely make Croatia shoot to the top of your travel bucket list.
Edivo Vina, located on the Pelješac peninsula, allows visitors to dive with staff members to the bel0w-sea-level winery. On your way to the winery, you'll get an up-close look at the wine-making process and swim by an old sunken boat at the bottom of the Mali Ston Bay.
The process doesn't take place entirely below sea, though. First, the wine is aged above ground for three months, then it's stored in amphorae (a clay jug with two handles and a narrow neck) below the water for one to two years.
According to Lonely Planet, this unique storage method gives the wine a distinct pinewood aroma. Although the water increases the odds of leakage, owners have taken multiple precautions to avoid contamination. In addition to a cork, all the bottles have two layers of rubber to prevent saltwater from seeping in.
The amphorae are packaged in cages and locked to prevent any rogue divers from swimming off with bottles of wine.
According to Edivo Vina's owners, they decided to age their wine underwater because “the sea provides natural cooling in ideal conditions and the perfect silence underwater improves the quality.” (Plus, it really takes your winery experience to the next level.)
If wetsuits and swimming aren't your jam, Edivo Vina is still worth a visit. You can shop the bottles above ground and take in the stunning views.
If you love the sea and wine, this Croatian adventure sounds like paradise.

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