Game of Thrones Fans, Behold, An Ice Cream Cone Iron Throne

Photo: Courtesy of Blue Bunny.
Game of Thrones is great, ice cream is great, and the two are even better when paired together (other than destroying a pint of ice cream on the couch while you watch the show, of course.) It just so happens that Games of Thrones season 7 premieres on the same day as National Ice Cream Day. To commemorate this glorious coincidence, Blue Bunny Ice Cream went all out to delight the hungry Thronies in all of us.
They created an Iron Throne made out of ice cream cones that is totally functional, meaning you can actually sit on the 7'2" chair and pretend to rule over the Seven (Flavors) Kingdom.
The throne was created by attaching lots of ice cream cones to a mold, and covering the seating areas with acrylic sheets. Blue Bunny even got the swords that protrude out the back of the thrones just right. While there's been a lot of Iron Thrones constructed out of various materials, some more questionable than others, the decidedly not-canon Cone Throne may just be my personal favorite. It's fun to see the harshness of Game of Thrones tempered with some levity in the form of my favorite summertime treat. In the books and on the show, there's no mention of characters enjoying a cold cone with the boys, but Sansa's lemon cakes are dear to her heart.
While none of us actually miss Joffrey, I could definitely see him being the kind of bratty king who demands ice cream for dinner. Cersei would no doubt enjoy scoops and scoops of this wine-flavored ice cream to drown her self-inflicted sorrows. She might need some comfort food anyway, if this season 7 fan theory proves right.
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