Wine Ice Cream Is A Thing — This Is Not A Drill

Photo: Courtesy of Crossroad Company, LLC.
A glass of wine and a bowl of ice cream is a match made in heaven. This unbeatable combination is the recipe for a relaxing evening at home and the cure for even the worst of days. How could the two get any better? By becoming one, and a Baltimore-based company has done the unthinkable by making wine ice cream. This is not a drill, people! Crossroad Company is responsible for this amazing creation, called “Winecream,” which it's been selling at local festivals and private events since 2014. To make the delectable treat, CC chefs mix what they call “super-charged wine” with a cream and sugar base. They then blast the miraculous mixture with liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze it into ice cream form. The family-run Crossroad Company also uses all-natural ingredients. Oh, and did I mention that a bowl of this boozy dessert contains 10% alcohol, which is about as much as a glass of wine? A tasty treat that can also get you a tad tipsy: I can't think of anything better. So how can you get your hands on the wondrous Winecream? Crossroad Company owner Katie Gorham told Thrillist that, starting this summer, you'll be able to find pints for sale at stores with alcoholic retail licenses in the D.C. area. And later in 2016, the sweet stuff will begin shipping to other areas in the mid-Atlantic. So wine ice cream could be coming to a mailbox near you in the very near future. All of our wildest wine dreams are finally coming true. (Thrillist)

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