Reddit Sleuths May Have Cracked The Case Of Glossier's Mysterious New Product

When Glossier first launched in 2014, nobody without a crystal ball could have predicted that the social media-friendly, millennial-bait brand would become one of the most popular names in beauty. But here we are, three years and ten tubes of the addictive Balm Dotcom later, and Glossier is inching closer and closer to beauty-world domination. Company founder Emily Weiss has made it abundantly clear that big things are on the way — and Reddit sleuths think they’ve cracked the case of the next product we can expect from Glossier HQ.
The rumor first gained traction on Tuesday, when popular beauty vlogger Jackie Aina posted a video where she tested and reviewed a handful of new high-end offerings. Mixed in with the Tom Ford concealer pen and the Burberry foundation was a mystery product, a face powder called Wowder. Aina said that the video was done in partnership with the brand behind Wowder, but she couldn’t reveal the full details until the official launch.
Aina did, however, share a link to, which is just a secretive landing page teasing the new product — and the Glossier fans of Reddit made the connection right away. From the font to the color scheme, the site fits perfectly with the Glossier aesthetic, as does the brief description of Wowder. “It’s not powder, it’s Wowder,” it reads. “Weightless. Zero white chalkiness (even under bright flash). A real-skin finish you’ve never seen from a powder before. In a range of 3 sheer, adaptable shades—because no skin tone is ‘HD-white.’ Coming soon.” (User Schwertmeisterin even pointed out that you can simply search the US Trademark Database for the term and find out who's behind Wowder that way, but why ruin the fun?)
Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we’ve reached out to the brand for comment and will update this post once we’ve heard back. In any case, according to our Google calendars, we’ll know exactly what the deal is at noon on August 1. Click the Add to Calendar button at the bottom of the landing page, and you'll be one of the first to get in on the secret, too.
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