6 Ways To Spend $100 On Zara's New Collection

If you shop at Zara as frequently as we do, you know there are many different strategies when it comes to approaching the fast-fashion kingdom. Sometimes, you can stretch a small amount of money and get a variety of pieces; other times, you might splurge on one trend item, despite feeling like the price is slightly higher than it should be. And no matter how much we're trying to shift our habits and support smaller (and more sustainable!) indie brands, there are times when Zara is just too good to resist — like when a new collection drops.
While you were sleeping, the retailer launched its Autumn/Winter '17 collection (we know, we know, it's only July, but you can never look too far ahead), and since tomorrow is Pay Day, let's review a few ways you can treat yourself.
First, you've got to evaluate your closet: Are you in a place where you have the warm-weather basics covered, and you just need a wildcard piece or two? Maybe you feel good about your everyday wardrobe, but could use a few fresh going-out outfits for nighttime or special occasions on the horizon. Or, perhaps you went overboard on all the polka dots and florals and need to add some more timeless items into the mix?
With the options being so unlimited, there are endless ways to approach Zara's selection — which is why we've come up with five potential scenarios for how to spend your money right. Click on for a lesson in what we're calling it "Zara Math," and let us know in the comments what your game plan for that next shopping trip is.
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Option 1: The Single Investment Purchase
Number of Items: 1
Total Cart: $99.90

They say don't spend all your money in one place, but if you ask us, that's actually a very adult thing to do. That's especially true if you spend it wisely on something you're sure to get some mileage out of. Sure, it may be a bit hot for an oversized blazer now, but it's a solid investment piece for fall. It's chic for the office, easy to style, and it'll never go out of style.

Zara Double-breasted Jacket with Lined Buttons, $99.90, available at Zara.
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Option 2: The Basics Refresh
Number of Items: 4
Total Cart: $94.60

You can stretch $100 pretty damn far if you only shop items under-$20 — and, it's not a bad idea if you could use some fresh basics, like tees, tanks, jeans, or leggings. Four pieces for under-$95. Not bad, if you ask us.

Zara Ribbed T-shirt with Stretch, $12.90, available at Zara.
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Zara High Waist Stretch Jeggings, $35.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Halter Neck Crop Top, $9.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Mid-rise Shorts, $35.90, available at Zara.
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Option 3: The Last-Minute Social Event Outfit
Number of Items: 2
Total Cart: $109.80

Did a fancy event get sprung on you this weekend and you feel like you have nothing to wear? We've been there. But don't worry, $100 at Zara should cover at least a dress and shoes, so you can show up feeling like a million bucks.

Zara Shimmery Dress with Thin Straps, $69.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Embroidered Kitten Heel Slingback Shoes, $39.90, available at Zara.
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Option 4: The Weekend Update
Number of Items: 3
Total Cart: $104.70

You can't show up to a pool in just any outfit, you know? To get your weekend look on-point, consider picking up a new one-piece, a trendy headband, and an Insta-worthy straw bag to have you hanging outdoors in style.

Zara Floral Print Turban, $12.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Swimsuit with Rings, $35.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Maxi Raffia Basket, $55.90, available at Zara.
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Option 5: The Accessories Haul
Number of Items: 4
Total Cart: $98.60

It's pretty amazing how a couple of cool accessories can give your entire wardrobe new life. And, with Zara's affordable price tag, you can stock up on multiple outfit-finishers with just $100. A pair of statement earrings, a bold belt, a little scarf, or a fun crossbody bag can make your daily uniform feel exciting, so it's not a bad idea to focus on little wins that go a long way.

Zara Striped Scarf, $12.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Belt, $39.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Long Fringe Earrings, $15.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Floral Print Clutch, $29.90, available at Zara.
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Option 6: The Fall Starter Pack
Number of Items: 3
Total Cart:

Get a jumpstart on fall with a pair of trousers, a transitional long-sleeve tee (not a turtleneck quite yet), and some leggings for good measure — all for less than $90.

Zara Checked Trousers, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Ribbed Leggings, $19.90, available at Zara.
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Zara Tulle Shirt, $19.90, available at Zara.
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