We're Going To Find Out The Theme Of American Horror Story Season 7 Really Soon

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If there's one show that's shrouded in mystery, it's American Horror Story. Last year, the FX anthology series made fans wait until the night of the premiere to unveil the show's subtitle and theme, making fans wonder if the same thing would happen with the upcoming season 7. Fortunately, eager beavers desperate to learn what they're getting into won't have to wait very long for the big reveal. According to a new tweet from showrunner Ryan Murphy, we're getting answers about American Horror Story's new theme very, very soon.
The TV writer, who is also part of the creative team behind anthology series American Crime Story, Feud, and the recently-canceled Scream Queens, took to Twitter to share some good news about the new season of the horror show.
"Official American Horror Story Season 7 title will be revealed Thursday July 20," wrote Murphy. "And suddenly... it will all make sense."
While I wouldn't go so far as to say it will "all make sense" (if the season is anything like previous ones in the show's history, there will be oodles of questions even after the final episode) the title could tie everything we know so far about the new season together.
We already know that the series will have a strong connection to the 2016 presidential election, and that Billie Lourd will star while rocking shockingly white hair. (Evan Peters will also return to set, only this time, his hair is blue.) However, perhaps the biggest surprise of the season is the major connection to — gulp — clowns. Freak Show's Twisty the Clown will make an appearance on season 7 — at least, on the cover of a comic book.
One other creepy thing we're getting from the new season might be the much-missed title sequence. Roanoke skipped any title flair, opting for just a title card. Murphy hinted to his followers on Twitter that the popular (and usually seriously creepy) sequence will return.
"Wait a want the main title sequence to return this year?!," teased the Nip/Tuck creator.
Start placing your bets on the title of the new season now — you have until July 20 to get it right.

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