The GOT Cast Came Up With Their Own Spin-Off Ideas

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
Back in May, news broke that HBO is developing five potential Game of Thrones spin-offs, which means they're producing pilots that may or may not result in full-season orders. In the days that followed, pretty much every GOT fan on the internet had an idea to share (this one included). From the clever titles (Westerosworld, Jorah the Explorer) to the stories we'd actually love to see come to life (the mystical, dark world of the Red Priestesses), there were a lot of suggestions. And now, some of the stars themselves are taking a stab at the task. BuzzFeed sat down with some of the cast to get their ideas for what would make for an awesome spin-off show — and they had quite a few interesting thoughts.
Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) appears to be the only actor to take the challenge seriously. "I don't know about my character. I don't know. I don't know if Sansa will be included in the spinoffs, but I believe that it probably wouldn't be," she said. "I'd like to see prequels. I'd like to see how the houses came to despise each other. That would be fun! I don't think I'd like to see older versions of our characters or anything. That would kind of break my heart." Turner added, "But I would love to see how the dynamics of Westeros came to be as we see them in the first season. That would be interesting."
Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos, offered up a take on another spin-off show, Better Call Saul (which spun off of Breaking Bad). "I think Better Call Davos is a great idea," he said. "I think it's got to be Better Call Davos. That's the spinoff that will work. That will make a fortune. HBO can retire at the end of that one." Well, if it's anywhere near as critically acclaimed and commercially successful as AMC's Bob Odenkirk-starring prequel, then HBO may well have a hit on their hands.
John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) took a different approach: a domestic-oriented reality show à la TLC or the Food Network. "Sam and Gilly going around doing home renovations or something. Just something quite mundane," Bradley suggested. "Or something like The Trip. Sam and Gilly going around testing restaurants and things. Something Sam deserves and something Sam quite likes."
Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) and Daniel Portman (Podrick) put their heads together to come up with a pretty out-there concept. It's a "gallavantry adventure comedy" in the same vein as Miami Vice, tentatively titled Double P and G-Dubz. "With a romantic twist," Portman explained. "Starring Jacob and myself as Podrick and Grey Worm. A sort of buddy movie type...thing." You know what? We're kind of into it.
Hear what the rest of the actors came up with in the video below.
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