Amanda Seyfried Does Not Appreciate This Chuck E. Cheese's Ad

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images.
It's probably been a while since you've been to a Chuck E. Cheese's, but even without stepping through those pizza-scented doors, it's safe to say that there's still animatronic mice, plenty of ball pits, and kids running around powered by sugar and the drive to get as many tickets as possible. The kid-friendly restaurant is trying to update its image, but it seems that its newest ad isn't sitting well with new mom Amanda Seyfried.
In a tweet posted today, Seyfried kept her opinion pretty straightforward, saying simply, "Oy," in reaction to the chain's commercial. Her hashtags did most of the talking, seeing as she added #slightlyoffensivecommercial to the tweet.
The ad shows what looks like a focus group of moms suggesting ways for Chuck E. Cheese's to make itself more welcoming to adults. More specifically, to moms. The problem is, these fictional moms seem to be perpetuating the idea moms are one-dimensional beings that just want bling (one suggests having jewelry among the prizes available for those tickets), mani-pedis, and rom-coms instead of kid-friendly Top 40 songs blasting through the restaurant.
While some moms would appreciate those services, it seems that Seyfried is just taking issue with showing moms — and women in general — as calorie-counting, appearance-obsessed, and stereotypically feminine. Maybe the commercial's producers were being super-meta and spoofing rom-coms?
Whatever the case may be, Seyfried's reaction seems pretty on-point. The free Wi-Fi, however? Admittedly, that would be a welcome change.
A few of Seyfried's fans chimed in, too, noticing the same glaring misrepresentation as the actor did.
Try harder, Chuck E. Cheese's, and you just might attract a new group of customers. This just isn't the right way to do it.
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