Who Is Lindsay Shookus, The Woman Reportedly Dating Ben Affleck?

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News broke Friday morning that Ben Affleck, perennial sad man and occasional Oscar winner, has a new lady, a woman by the name of Lindsay Shookus. Compared to her (reported) beau, Shookus is relatively unknown. This will all change if she stays by Affleck's side, of course — this is Benjamin Affleck, the man who one dated Jennifer Lopez. His romantic counterparts tend to be high-profile, and poor Shookus is in for a whole lot of media scrutiny (sorry).
More importantly, though, just who is this new ladylove? People, as well as most other outlets, is reporting that Shookus is a producer for Saturday Night Live. This is indeed true — here's what else is true about the 36-year-old.
As producer for SNL, Shookus leads the charge in booking musical talent — according to Billboard, the variety show is the "gatekeeper" of music influence on late night television. In short: Shookus has the power.
They got married in Williamsville, New York. It is presumed, but not clear, that Shookus and Miller (who no longer works at SNL) have since been divorced.
3. She also produced several episodes of 30 Rock from 2008 - 2010.
I wonder: is producing a show about a variety show any different from producing a variety show?
4. Shookus has worked at Saturday Night Live since 2002.
She started in 2002 as a producer's assistant.
5. As a producer, she oversees SNL auditions.
In Live from New York: An Oral History of Saturday Night Live, Shookus said that, despite the stories of an unflappable Lorne Michaels, the steely exec does laugh during auditions.
"The lore of the audition process has become that Lorne doesn’t laugh. Everyone says they are warned in advance that Lorne won’t laugh. It’s just not true. Lorne will really laugh, and I promise you that Lorne has never hired someone that hasn’t made him really laugh. What he won’t do is the polite laugh. He won’t laugh to make someone feel better when they are bombing. Luckily, there are a couple of us who will."
6. She once witnessed a comedian strip to his birthday suit for an audition.
In the same passage, Shookus told the following tale:
"A few years ago during a camera test in 8H, one of the men auditioning went behind a flat they had set up on the side of the stage, then he stepped out completely naked with his hands between his legs. I think his idea was that he would step out to a roar of laughter and thunderous applause (from all fifteen of us in the room). Instead, the poor naked guy got a whole bunch of silence with a few scattered polite chuckles. He was just standing there, holding his junk, in Studio 8H, in front of Lorne Michaels. You can imagine what an awkward few moments it was when he finished his audition. We’re all sitting there, waiting, checking our phones, and watching naked guy collect his props and costumes from all over the stage in silence. Not surprising, but this poor sweet guy was not hired."
7. According to Billboard, she was responsible for Chance the Rapper's appearance on Saturday Night Live, as well as A Tribe Called Quest.
8. The Hollywood Reporter named her one of Hollywood's up-and-coming execs in 2015.
In the profile of her listed in the piece, she says that she once played Jennifer Lopez's body double in a sketch. (Do you think they talked about Ben Affleck?)
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