Did A Fan Crack The Theme Of Taylor Swift’s Next Album Already?

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Our amazement never ceases when it comes to what the most dedicated fans can learn about their favorite celebrities. Whether it is deciphering lyrics from a seconds-long clip or figuring out who the latest love interest is before it's announced, when fans become stans, there is no limit to what they can find out.
Taylor Swift released her last album, 1989, came out in 2014. If we are to garner anything from her discography, it is that the award-winning artist usually releases a full-length album every two years. Until now. We are three years post album, and while we have her entire song catalogue now available for streaming on Spotify to hold us over, fans are on the look out for any hints as to when new music will be released.
While we may not know eactly WHEN there will be new music, though Ed Sheeran did let it slip that it would likely be December of this year, this observant Taylor Swift fan has a theory as to what the album will be about. Armed with multiple screenshots of tweets, Instagram posts, and cryptic quotes, this fan is convinced that Swift's album, or at least the single, will have something to do with time.
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As the fan builds their case, we must say, it's pretty convincing. It begins with a tweet from CEO of Taylor Swift's record label, Big Machine Label Group. The tweet was an image with the quote, "You can't recycle wasted time." That alone wouldn't necessarily give anything away. People tweet quotes all the time. Next, Taylor Swift posts a screenshot of HAIM's new single, "Want You Back" to her Instagram with the caption, "On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time!!!!!!!!!!!!" To play devil's advocate, Taylor Swift is all of us listening to HAIM's new single. A very relatable post, but not necessarily an obvious clue by itself. This is when it gets interesting! According to a photo shared by @POPULOVE claims to be of a set piece being used in a "major" new Taylor Swift video. The prop is clearly a piece of a clock. Hmm...this theory gets better by the photo. Finally, the fan shares a screenshot of a story from Billboard. In it, they quote an unnamed source from E! who says that Taylor Swift is working "around the clock" on new music.
This might be the strongest theory yet. Taylor Swift LOVES to leave secret messages in her music, so her dropping hints through social media would make sense. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Only time will tell.
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