Nick Carter Reminisces On His Backstreet Boys Audition Many Moons Ago

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage.
No one forgets their first time — auditioning for boy bands that is. That once-in-a-lifetime moment is forever cemented in your brain as a make it or break it moment. And for someone like Nick Carter, it was a complete make it moment. Now, at 37, the current boy bander (the group has a residency in Las Vegas and has a BSB-dedicated cruise scheduled for next May) is promoting a new reality show, Boy Band, on ABC where he helps to find America's next big boy band. "Eat, sleep, boy band" seems to be the lifetime mantra for Carter, and it's working out just fine.
Talking with HuffPost on Build Series, the performer reminisced about his audition 26 years ago, at age 11.
"There was a song at the time that was big called ‘Take This Heart’ by Richard Marx and I came in and sang this song," he said. "And I didn’t have any cool choreography or anything. I was just bopping around." He also revealed that the BSB audition was not even his only one of the day. He had also attending an open call for "The Mickey Mouse Club."
"We came back home ... and we waited for the callbacks …" he said. "I was nervous about that. I got two callbacks. I got one for ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ and one from the Backstreet Boys — which wasn’t called the Backstreet Boys at the time. ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ offered me a contract — it was $50,000 — it was ’91 or ’92. My mom said, ’Do you want to do this or do you want to do that?’ And I made the choice of going with the Backstreet Boys, which there was no money at the time …. which actually turned out to work out later on down the road."
Now that's some impressive intuition.
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