Asahd Khaled Is Not A Justin Bieber Fan

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Asahd Khaled is not a normal baby. He is basically the real-life iteration of the animated film Baby Boss. And then some. He's more like a Super Baby. He is not even a year old yet, but he is already being heralded as a music mogul — a young prodigy, breaking barriers and building sick beats. He has his own office, his own hype man (his dad, DJ Khaled), and his own chart-topping singles. He's a Super Baby, and with every Super Baby comes a Villain. And that villain is platinum blonde, tattooed, and chip-toothed: Justin Bieber.
You see, DJ Khaled's son does not cry. He did not cry when his father placed him inside the crevice of a Ferrari. He did not cry when he was forced to wear a matching ice blue suit at the BET Awards with Gucci Mane. He did not cry when he was placed in a hot tub for a photoshoot. He did not cry the dozens of times he has appeared onstage in front of screaming fans. Crying is for Normal Babies, of which he is not one. He smiles, he laughs, he negotiates with Grammy-winning artists to get their verse on a hot track. He shows no weakness. But Bieber — that devious guitar-strumming Canadian man — pushed him to the edge with just a single, terrible glance.
In a video obtained by TMZ, Bieber is seen approaching the Super Baby, who is being held by DJ Khaled. Bieber learns towards him and BAM: tears and gut-wrenching wails. The video was apparently taken the day Bieber was filming "I'm The One" (a We The Best original) at Asahd's house. Fans of the toddler tycoon immediately noted that this was sus behavior from Asahd, and therefore Bieber could not be trusted.
Now, Asahd has not commented on the leaked video from their private meeting yet, but I'm sure he is terribly embarrassed to have this personal moment made public for all to see.
There's also no word if the mogul will work with his new nemesis ever again.

Chillin wit daddy in the studio on my 7 month birthday #grateful

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