All The Possible Ways Justin Bieber Chipped His Tooth

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Hello, everyone. We have some breaking news for you this morning. Yesterday, Justin Bieber chipped his tooth. (Get it — breaking.)
The 23-year-old shared a picture of himself happily lounging (and probably under the influence of laughing gas) in a dentist's chair while getting his newly chipped front right tooth fixed. After the initial picture, Beliebers were worried that this would unfurl another dump of close-up black-and-white photos of the singer's latest medical mystery, following his obsession with his conjunctivitis (pink eye). Luckily for them, that didn't happen. I guess he was tired from posting a bajillion photos the other day.
While we don't know exactly what happened at this time, we do know that he was vacationing in the Hamptons with Patrick Schwarzenegger and the actor's girlfriend Abby Champion.
Here are nine extremely plausible ways in which Bieber could have chipped his tooth.
1. He was trying to open a rosé bottle from Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack with his teeth.
2. He was practicing his punches he learned at Rumble, a hot new boxing spot in Manhattan.
3. He slipped and fell on the beach in East Hampton.
4. He bit down too hard on his spoon while he was eating Neapolitan ice cream during his 25-minute Instagram live, in which he also ate popcorn, a very common food for people to chip their tooth on.
5. He was chewing too hard on his straw during his cowboy phase yesterday.
6. He was laying in bed posting new photos to Instagram and dropped the phone on his face, and it hit his tooth.
7. He was dancing around and ran into something.
8. He was practicing his Spanish after that "Despacito" fail and rolled his R's so hard that he pushed a piece of his front tooth clean off.
9. His latest game of of thumb war got way out of hand.


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Bieber also noticed the resemblance between his new appearance and a certain comedic character, Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber, played by Jim Carrey.

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Never a dull moment.

Opposite of Jim

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