How To Know If Your Flight Is Delayed

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Flight delays are an inevitable nuisance that comes with commercial aviation. Not only does this cause a headache for travelers, these delays are also inconvenient for the parties expecting their arrival. For friends and family waiting to pick you up at the airport, this can mean long hours of waiting and additional parking charges at the airport. For businesses, this can mean delaying important meetings.
Things used to be a lot worse before the age of cell phones and the Internet, when the only way to keep track of these changes is by checking the dashboard or calling the airline. Now, there's a plethora of websites and apps closely following the statuses of flights around the world 24-hours-a-day. Whether you're the person doing the flying, or you're keeping an eye on a friend's whereabouts, here are a number of websites to bookmark before your next trip to the airport.
Perhaps the most well-known flight data service website out there, FlightStats pulls information from government and airport feeds to provide up-to-the-minute reports on delays. The site boasts a 99.50% accuracy for U.S. flights and over 86% accuracy for flights in the rest of the world. It's also integrated with Google, so you'll see the status at the top of your results when you run a search with the flight number.
This website collates arrival and departure data from more than 7,000 airports in real time. It allows free access for flight information in the previous seven days.
This no-frills site has minimal advertising, making for a shorter loading time when you're stuck with a basic data network.
App In The Air
This handy app acts as your personal flight assistant: After adding the flight number or route the system, it generates a timeline — from check-in to landing — and syncs with your devices. You have the option to receive text message notification on weather conditions, delays, and gate changes, so you'll be informed even without a Wifi connection.
Once you've imported a flight onto the app, it will send notifications to your email, phone, and smartwatch in the event of delays. You'll receive push notifications on your phone a few hours before the flight departs, in addition to gate changes and cancellations.

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