Ellen Page's Cover Of Britney Spears' "Lucky" Is Haunting & Perfect

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images
As if Ellen Page couldn't get any cooler, she just released a heartbreaking cover of one of your favorite '00s ballads.
The star of the upcoming Flatliners reboot and host of Viceland's Gaycation may not put "musician" first on her resume, but she certainly knows how to rework a Britney Spears song into something beautiful and yet completely different from the original. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it: Just listen to Page's cover of "Lucky" and see for yourself.
The new video of the tune was posted on dancer Emma Portner's YouTube page. Portner, who starred in Justin Bieber's "Life Worth Living" video, improvised a dance to the track as Page sat on the floor in front of her in the studio playing guitar. Though it's hard to see the actress' face in the video, it only takes a few words out of her mouth to realize that it's definitely the Juno star singing Spears.
Page hasn't changed any of the original lyrics to the song, and yet this version really makes you feel the lyrics. Gone is the pop element from Spears' original tune. Instead it's infused with a haunting sadness that was only ever hinted at.
That's not to say that "Lucky" was ever a, well, happy-go-lucky sort of song. Spears revealed a little bit of the backstory on MTV's Making The Video in 2000.
"It's basically about a girl named Lucky, and she's a movie star, and she supposedly has everything, and she wins all these awards, and she's surrounded by so many people, but she never really has time for herself," Spears revealed. "She's lonely, and it's kind of depressing."
The singer added that the song was, in a way, a reflection on her own time in the spotlight:
"I hate it when celebrities talk about how 'depressing' their lives are, I wouldn't change my life for anything... But I'm human. I'm like everybody else out there. I have depressing moments. I get sad, just like everybody else... If you can't have fun, why are you doing it?"
If you want to compare Page's version with the real thing, check out Spears' version — complete with an oh-so-'oos music video — below:

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