Ciara's Stretch-Mark Treatment Involves… Not Moving?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Our society's obsession with a "post-baby" body is problematic, to say the least. Even worse? News outlets that splash bikini photos of celebrities on their covers, with headlines about how quickly they "bounced back." It's unrealistic and unhealthy — but Ciara is trying to keep things a little more real.
Since giving birth to her second child in April, Ciara has been tracking her personal health goals on Instagram. She's open about the fact that she's maintaining an intense schedule of personal trainer sessions and healthy eating habits. And now she's making it clear that those stretch marks don't just magically disappear either.
“No Movement Week,” the star captioned a photo of her feet on a digital scale today. “Started my stretch mark removal process this week, and the Doc told me I couldn't work I ate healthy & added a few ? in the mix!” To the disappointment of her followers, she didn’t go into any detail about what the stretch mark removal process entails, but naturally the post drew in countless comments begging for specifics. (Laser treatments. That is all.)
In addition to fans demanding more info on the methods she’s using to help fade the marks, Ciara also received a great deal of praise for her openness in talking about her weight gain, and being honest about how much time and effort really goes into shedding the weight she wants to lose — especially when every gossip mag would have you believe otherwise.

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