Chrissy Teigen's IVF Joke Sparks Yet Another Pregnancy Rumor

Greedy much? Beyoncé and JAY-Z's blessed twins aren't even a week old and already people are clamoring for another celebrity baby.
In the case of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, however, they'll have to exercise a little patience. Yesterday the model and Lip Sync Battle co-host had to shut down rumors that she was pregnant with the couple's second child — daughter Luna turned 1 in April — after a Twitter joke about her IVF process was misinterpreted.
The confusion kicked off when Teigen shared a screenshot of an invoice for embryo freezing and storage from her fertility clinic. She and Legend have been storing a male embryo for use when they're ready to add to their family.
"Damn how's my embryo gonna be in debt before it's even born," she cracked. "Pay ya rent, embryo!!!"
But because you can't utter the word "embryo" without folks rushing out to buy you a Baby Bjorn, the tweets left some followers wondering if Teigen was with child. She was quick to set things straight.
The cookbook author also shut down a commenter who made the (since-deleted) face-palm observation that Teigen, who has been vocal about her fertility struggles, could simply have a baby the old-fashioned way. Oh, brother.
Guys, if and when Teigen becomes pregnant, we're sure you'll all be the first to know. In the meantime, leave her uterus alone and keep that armchair OB/GYN analysis to yourself.
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