This Brand Is Changing The Way You Bra-Shop (& Thank Goodness)

Launching Wednesday, Harper Wilde is flipping everything you know about shopping for bras on its head — and adding a sense of humor to it all. Essentially the Warby Parker of the bra world (as much as we hate comparing brands directly, it really is an easy way to get the point across), the company allows you to skip the trip to the mall and try on its pieces from the comfort of your own home, and figure out what to keep from there. Currently, there's three core styles to choose from — The Base (your daily, lightly-lined bra), The Boost (not to be confused with the push-up you know from a past life), and The Flex, because everyone needs a strapless. Oh, and they're all $35.
"Our mission is to take the B.S. out of Bra Shopping and create a brand and experience women can’t live without," Jane Fisher, the brand's cofounder, tells Refinery29. "Imagine: no more sorting through over 300 options, no more unnecessary bedazzling and bows. Buying bras doesn’t have to feel like a TSA screening at airport security. We have created the easiest bra shopping experience, with free home try-ons, thoughtful designs, and fair prices.”
"After two years of research, focus groups, and collecting hundreds of bra dressing room horror stories, we built the simplest, most hassle-free experience possible," Jenna Kerner, its other cofounder, adds. "We nixed measuring tapes, 17-page surveys, and the hundreds of options. We provide thoughtful designs, fair prices, and free home try-ons, so that a woman can find her fit in the privacy of her home."
Speaking from experience, the bras are light as a feather and soft as can be, and the straps adjust in the front. Just think about how genius that is for a second. And, we're told the styles, the categories, and, most importantly, the sizing, will continue to expand as the company does. So even if the idea of ordering a bra in the mail feels foreign, there's more than enough reasons to consider giving the process a go. (If you need further convincing, check out Harper Wilde's video that asks, What if boxer shopping were as frustrating as bra shopping? — and prepare to laugh out loud).
Click on to familiarize yourself with the brand, because once you do, we have a feeling you won't be returning back to those old bra habits ever again. And trust us, it's for the best.

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