Watch The GOT Cast Sing "I Will Survive" In This Amazing Supercut

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
After six seasons, 60 episodes, over 3,000 hours, and 150,966 bloody deaths (or thereabouts) Game of Thrones, has given creative fans of the show a lot to work with when it comes to making compilations and supercuts. And a lot of them are pretty good, too. (When you have a spare 21 minutes, I highly recommend witnessing each of those 150,966 human and animal deaths in this epic tally.) But we've never seen something quite like this before. Get ready to see your favorite GOT characters in an entirely new light.
The YouTube account Sung By Movies has created an incredibly entertaining music video of the entire GOT cast singing "I Will Survive." They found each word of the song being spoken in the show and spliced the hundreds of second-long clips together into one surprisingly smooth singalong. (Okay, so a few notes are off key — I'm looking at you, Tyrion Lannister.)
Of course, the song choice here is hilariously ironic. The message (and title) of Gloria Gaynor's 1978 anthem is literally the antithesis of the the whole, you know, All Men Must Die thing. Half the characters that appear in the video have already croaked. (Try not to cry at the sight of Ned Stark.) But in this case, that's half the fun.
Enjoy the supercut for yourself, below. We recommend pouring one out for each character who is now dead — and/or watching on repeat until the series returns on Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO. The big question now is this: who will survive?

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