Witness 150,966 Game Of Thrones Deaths (Human & Animal) In 21 Minutes

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Even the most avid Game of Thrones fan has to admit that after six seasons of intricate storylines and fast-paced action, some details are a little fuzzy. A hell of a lot happens on the HBO series, and for mere mortals it's natural to forget scenes or details (or entire characters, TBH) this far along. Fortunately for us more absentminded viewers, there is a breed of Game of Thrones superfans out there that — bless their hearts — help us figure out not only WTF is happening on the show week to week, but everything that has happened on the series ever.
And given that GOT is one of the bloodiest, most kill-happy shows of all time, that includes the many, many deaths that've occurred over the last six seasons.
GOT megafan and YouTube wizard Leon Andrew Razon has created an incredible compilation tallying every death in GOT history. Every. Single. One. That includes offscreen passings and animal casualties, by the way (and we all know how many innocent horses have been slain in battle). We're talking soldiers, innocent bystanders, dire wolves, key characters, human sacrifices — you name it. The grand total of lives lost, by Razon's count? An incredible 150,966.
The video, which clocks in at just under 21 minutes, is not only a visual delight: make sure you turn up the volume so you can appreciate the orchestra of swords clanging, guts squelching, and brains splattering. Another nice touch is the captioning that catalogues each death. Sure, there are big name characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Viserys Targaryen, as well as estimates of war casualties like "2000+ Stark Soldiers" and "1000+ Lannister Soldiers" (who died in season 1's bloody Battle of Green Fork). But it's the random, vague one-offs that are actually kind of funny: "5 Dismembered Free Folks," "Another Deer," and, simply, "Pigeon" (referring to the poor bird that had its neck snapped by a starving Arya Stark).
The video is appropriately captioned "Valar Morghulis," a High Valyrian saying often heard in Braavos that means "all men must die." And when it comes to GOT, truer words have never been spoken.

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