How Will Orphan Black End? These Theories Have The Best Answers

Orphan Black is the kind of show that has people wondering how it's all going to end within the first moments of the series premiere. But, now that the BBC sci-fi thriller just began its finale season, the Internet is buzzing more than ever, wondering how the drama will end. Not only are viewers questioning the general theories of Orphan, they're questioning what the final few seconds will reveal.
All this rampant speculation makes sense, as the Tatiana Maslany-led cult favorite was built to generate fan theories. What else would a show involving multiple clones, conspiracy theories, and secret scientific experiments do? After over 40 episodes, viewers still have no idea why the clone club was even created.
With all these mysteries still hanging around in Orphan's goodbye season, we investigated all the best series finale theories on the Internet. Take a look at the gallery to find out how the superfan minds of Reddit and Tumblr believe the game will end. Saturday, August 12, can't get here fast enough.
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