Brie Larson's Mushroom Manicure Is Surprisingly Chic

Hallucinogenic mushrooms, illegal as they may be, have inspired great art and music over the course of history. Sadly, you just can’t say the same for regular mushrooms. They’ve been incorporated into many delicious meals, of course, but nobody ever wrote a hit song about a chanterelle.
But perhaps we’ve underestimated the humble fungus. Maybe they really are just as compelling as their psychedelic counterparts, and we’ve just been going about appreciating them the wrong way. At least, that’s what Brie Larson’s latest nail art is leading us to believe.

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“Turkey Tail mushroom nails!!!!!!” the actress captioned a recent Instagram post, which features a close-up look at her mushroom manicure. The turkey tail gets its name from its colorful stripes, and a little sleuthing will tell you that it’s more than just surprisingly good-looking: It’s also being extensively researched for its cancer-fighting, immunity-boosting therapeutic properties. Perhaps this is the only mushroom that’s been truly magic all along.

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