Twitter Thinks Obama Just Revealed The Sex Of Beyoncé's Twins

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President Obama, you should know better than to talk about Beyoncé and Jay Z's children right now. Anything you say can and will be obsessed over in the court of the internet. Casually mention Jay Z "one-upping" on on the daughter quotient, and people are going to assume you just revealed the sex of Beyoncé's twins.
This is exactly what happened Thursday night, when Obama gave a speech in honor of Jay Z entering the songwriters Hall of Fame, as Vulture reports. During his speech, Obama mentioned the fact that both he and the Brooklyn native are dedicated to their daughters. (Obama, if you'll recall, has two girls, Sasha and Malia.) The remark seems innocuous enough, but it also seems to imply that maybe Jay Z and Beyoncé have daughters, plural, as well.
"Jay and I are also fools for our daughters," Obama explained. Then, he gave this kicker: "Although, he’s going to have me beat once those twins show up."
So, Jay Z will have Obama beat in how many daughters he and Bey have? That seems to be the implication, and Twitter is convinced that Obama just revealed the sex of those twins.
Did the former president just reveal the sex of Beyoncé's babies? It's difficult to tell — perhaps he was merely talking about kids in general, not just girls.
However, President Obama did reveal this one very crucial piece of info: The twins haven't been born yet. He said "Once those twins show up," which means they have yet to show up! (If they had, don't you think the former leader of the free world would know?) This, at least, can kill the speculation that the twins were born June 15, which happens to be North West's birthday or June 14, which happens to be Donald Trump's birthday.
Watch President Obama's full speech for the Hall of Fame, below.
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