What If Beyoncé Has Her Baby On North West's Birthday?

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Did Beyoncé have her babies already? It's the question of the month, or perhaps the last two months, and will be until Beyoncé makes her epic baby announcement. (At this point, one wonders if the babies will arrive with their own musical album, given the way Knowles prefers her publicity.) Some speculate that Beyoncé had her twins today, in fact. Based on her pregnancy announcement, this is the right time. Trouble is, June 15 is North West's birthday. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is among the highest-profile toddlers out there, aside from Blue Ivy Carter, of course.
Twitter is agog at the idea. How dare celebrity babies share the same birthday? The prevailing joke is that the twins would probably overshadow North West.
"If Beyoncé has her twins the same day as North West's birthday do you think Kanye will be pissed? Talk about one upping," one Twitter user noted.
Another fan joked that Beyoncé probably had the babies on June 15 on purpose, writing "[I] can't believe Beyoncé timed her whole pregnancy to have the twins on North West's birthday for the drama. She did that."
To be clear: As of June 15, no announcement regarding the impending twins has been made. They may have been born weeks ago, for all we know. Nevertheless, Twitter is having a ball speculating.
"If Beyoncé has her twins today I will share a birthday with them and North West and I can not handle that," one worked-up user blurted. (While we're here, happy birthday, Jailine Silva!)
A similar outcry errupted yesterday, June 14, which happened to be Donald Trump's birthday. The tweets regarding that coincidence were much kinder: Many hoped that the twins would arrive to overshadow the president's big day. Which, you know, would have been nice, but you can't always get what you want.
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