Krispy Kreme Lip Glosses Will Make You Feel Like A Cavity-Filled Kid Again

We belong to an era of artisanal gourmet foie gras doughnut-croissant hybrids with candied hibiscus leaves and bits of 14-karat gold, but there’s still nothing like a good old-fashioned Krispy Kreme. The gas-station standby is fundamentally perfect, a sweet, sticky treat that always tastes and smells exactly the same, no matter how long it’s been roasting under the bright red glow of an artificial heat lamp. It’s an experience so evocative, it’s now inspired a line of flavored lip glosses.
Let’s not pretend that a lip gloss that smells like a Krispy Kreme is anywhere as good as actually taking a bite out of one of the glazed confections. It’s not, and it never will be. But the doughnut-shaped delights, which you can find online for $4.99 at Claire’s, are still worth your time, particularly if you have dry lips and find that, for some odd reason, rubbing actual frosting on them doesn’t seem to be very hydrating.
The original glazed flavor (or scent, since lip gloss is inedible, after all) is currently sold out, but the glazed chocolate cake and strawberry iced versions are still available for you to snag. There have also been rumors of a set of five Krispy Kreme-flavored lip balms floating around on the internet somewhere, but in the interest of instant gratification, placing an order from Claire’s is probably your best bet.
No matter how far from childhood or a Krispy Kreme retailer you might be, there’s nothing like the right scented lip gloss to bring back memories of warm, delicious dough and sugar-induced toothaches. Oh, and the kind of long, miserable family road trips where your only hope for happiness was to pull over at a service stop on the highway so your parents could refill the tank and you could finally get your hands on a damn doughnut.

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