Everything I Learned From Joe Alwyn's Cute But Boring Twitter

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Joe Alwyn is not a name or face that one might immediately recall, but Taylor Swift is here to change that. Yes, the Patron Saint of Making Her Boyfriends More Famous is back at it again. Swift and Alwyn have only been linked as a couple since the beginning of summer, but from sneak paparazzi photos and cryptic interviews, it seems that the two are indeed dating on the low-low. The two apparently first met a Kings of Leon concert in October of last year. When news first broke that Swift was seeing the 26-year-old actor, only a few qualified movie buffs and London-based actors knew who the 6'1" British actor was that the pop star was photographed with.
Alwyn is an actor, who had his breakout role only in November of 2016 starring as the lead character in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. So who is he really? Who does he look up to? Who does he socialize with? What does he... like on Twitter? That we have an answer for. The young rising star recently became verified on Twitter (welcome to the club, boo), which means his followers are about to roll in. (Current count: 4, 885. Well, 4, 886 considering I just followed him, too.)
There isn't too much dirt on the actor (who seems like a really nice guy), but here's the most telling information I could gather from his cute, but kinda boring, Twitter page. This is the real Alwyn, pre-Swift — let's get to know him.
1. He is friendly (or hopes to be friendly) with fellow British actor Nicholas Hoult and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.
The two are among the few verified accounts that he follows.
2. He likes MMA fighting and roots for Conor McGregor.
Swift doesn't strike me as the "fight night" type, but who knows. Alwyn liked a friend's tweet praising McGregor's performance.
3. He's quite proud of his debut film.
4. He appreciates classy photoshoots.
5. He met Gigi Hadid in August 2016, a few months before he apparently met her bestie, Swift.
6. He is a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
This is one of the few tweets he retweeted that are not self-promo.
7. Okay, so he is actually friends with Paul, as well as Taron Egerton, a fellow British name on the rise.
8. He once had a great time in Asia.

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