Taylor Swift May Have A New Boyfriend & Twitter Is Freaking Out About It

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The last time the world saw Taylor Swift she was deep in the throes of Hiddleswift. Now Swift's reportedly dating another British actor, Joe Alwyn, and you best believe the internet has some thoughts on this.
After reports surfaced that Swift was dating again — all unconfirmed by Swift and her team, we should note — Twitter immediately shared its two cents on the matter. Many, had feelings about her possible beau, who recently appeared in the 2016 war drama Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk alongside Kristen Stewart. This included some concern for the up and coming 26-year-old actor who just so happens to be filming the Queen Anne period piece The Favorite, starring Swift's friend Emma Stone.
"Joe Alwyn is a shy sweetheart and I'm honestly a little worried the Taylor Swift PR machine is gonna eat him alive," Esquire's Julia Black tweeted, who spent some time with Alwyn for a profile she wrote last year.
Another person couldn't help but notice that despite the rumors of this new couple, someone had already tried to make it internet fact. "Someone got in on Joe Alwyn's Wikipedia page already," they wrote posting a photo of Alwyn's Wiki page, which includes the line "On the 17th of May 2017, it was reported by The Sun that he is dating Taylor Swift. Her next album about him is coming. Welcome to your tape, Joe."
This line has since been removed from Alwyn's page.
Of course, there were those who wondered how real this news actually is. "'Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn,' oh great, another pawn for a future 'hit' song.. I mean... another relationship.. my bad," one person tweeted.
Others were too busy answering their texts to worry about whether Swift's relationship is real or not. "Someone tell me why i'm already getting 'does taylor swift have a new boyfriend?' texts from my friends AND family members," another person wrote.
At least one person was reminiscing about the good ol' days when a new Swift boyfriend was the most scandalous news of the day. "I miss the days when #TaylorSwift's new boyfriend would have been the big news of the day," they wrote with the hashtags #resist #trumprussia.
There were those, though, that applauded Swift's stellar taste in men. "BREAKING: Taylor Swift is dating actor Joe Alwyn," they wrote. "In related news, this will be the third summer that she's had a diff boyfriend lol slay T."
If you believe what you read, Swift has been secretly dating Alwyn, quietly living in London away from the cameras. But, there's also been reports that she's been working on her latest album in Nashville. Basically, prepare yourself for a summer that could be filled with new Swift music and a new guy wearing "I Heart T.S." muscle tanks.

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