Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Got Matching Tattoos Because Why Not

Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images.
These days, there are a lot of ways to show off your relationship status. First, you can never leave the side of your significant other. By being physically with them at all times, you are clearly sending a "taken" message. Second, you can change your relationship status on social media to show you off the market. And finally, you can just get matching tattoos with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because what says "meant to be" like matching ink?
Kylie Jenner has (once again) gone for the third route. The 19-year-old has a growing number of tiny tattoos from a variety of famous tattoo artists, but her most recent addition appears to be dedicated to, or inspired by, her current boyfriend, Travis Scott. Scott, a rapper, seems to have the same tattoo in the same location.
As pointed out by Us Weekly, the pair share a very delicate and extremely small butterfly etching on their left (Scott) and right (Jenner) ankles. The two shared photos of their tattoos on each of their Snapchats late Monday night. It's unclear when they got their tattoos done together, but they obviously wanted to debut them at the same time on social media.
After seeing that the tattoo is a butterfly, fans are speculating that the inspiration behind the tattoo could be Scott's new single, "The Butterfly Effect," which some think is about his new girlfriend (he raps about the "Hidden Hills" where Jenner and her family live). The news does not come as much of a surprise considering Jenner is all about the meaningful tatts. She previously dedicated a tiny "t" to her ex, Tyga, late last year before the two split. She also has a matching tattoo with her best friend, Jordyn Woods. If the tattoos continue to be teeny tiny in size, The Life of Kylie star shouldn't run out of canvas space anytime soon. And if her current relationship ever turns sour, the butterfly ink could easily be covered up with a pair of Arthur George socks or Yeezy sneakers.
Snapchat/ Travis Scott.
Snapchat/ Kylie Jenner.

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