This Not-Very-Well-Known Fact Is A Reason Why Bachelor In Paradise Might Be Canceled

News broke on Sunday that ABC and Warner Horizon have pulled Bachelor in Paradise from production, and people have had a lot to say — from hurling racist and slut-shaming remarks at former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios to coupling entertainment and political news by tweeting out Comey's now-famous line, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes."
We now know that the reason ABC and Warner Horizon pulled the show is because of an alleged sexual assault committed by former Bachelorette contestant DeMario Jackson against Olympios, who sources say was too impaired to consent. In fact, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Olympios said "she doesn't remember much of anything" from the incident and later saw a therapist.
One Twitter user summed up our feelings by tweeting: "The fact that some people are more concerned about no #BachelorInParadise than about the alleged sexual assault says a lot." Amen.
But, while we may have some more clarity as to what happened that prompted the swift shutdown, another surprising reason for the possible cancelation has recently surfaced. A production source told People that the future of Bachelor in Paradise could actually be in the hands of the Mexican Tourism Board.
"The show is most likely not going to resume filming," the source told People. "It would seem impossible to do so given the circumstances. But, the main reason it will likely not be back is that the majority of the bill for the show is footed by the Mexico Tourism Board. They pick up the tab for practically everything in exchange for all the free publicity the show gives them — but is not a good look and is not likely to be something Mexico Tourism wants to welcome back."
The unnamed source also told People that it's unclear whether ABC and Warner Horizon would want to resume the current season, or continue the spinoff at all, even if the Mexican Tourism Board signed off.
"Every year there have been an increasing number of questions about whether or not [the show has] gone too far. Last year it was Chad basically being kicked out for being so incredibly aggressive," the source told People. "But, this latest scandal “throws into question if perhaps the show simply needs to be over."

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