Everything Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Accomplished After Hollywood

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were thrust into the spotlight as 9-month-olds. The twins reached adulthood in front of the camera, first as Michelle Tanner on Full House and then with a string of straight-to-video movies and TV shows. Though the twins achieved a wild level of success at a young age, they deviated from the child star mold when they hit adulthood.
The plot twist in the Olsen twins' story came in 2004. The twins were turning 18 and heading to NYU for college. They had just made their last movie. Instead of continuing their acting career, the sisters pivoted and delved into the fashion industry. And here's the thing: They're great at it.
Years later, the Olsen twins have once again achieved wild success, this time as designers. Unlike their former days as child actors, the Olsens have cloistered themselves from the public eye. Now, they come out of hibernation every few years for an interview or a gala.
On their journey from playing Michelle Tanner to becoming eccentric millionaires, the Olsen twins defied our expectations of what child stars do after stardom. For Mary-Kate and Ashley's 31st birthday, here's a look at what they did after quitting acting for good.
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