This Relatable Relationship Issue Inspired Lorde’s New Song, "Sober"

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Lorde is here to tease us with another single off her soon-to-be-released, second album Melodrama.
The 20-year-old artist describes the meaning behind the song as "being a little bit involved with someone and it's magic when you are out — you're just king and queen of the weekend, you own the party," she explained in an interview with USA Today. The syncopated, pop anthem is the fourth song she has shared from the album.
Ella Yelich-O'Connor, or Lorde as we know her, took a moment yesterday to tweet about how the song came into being which she claims first came to her while in the back of an Uber before being finished at the kitchen table of none other than fellow musician, Jack Antonoff, and Lena Dunham. The single centers on relatable moments in romantic relationships and on nights out. "I definitely felt like I had moments where I was like, 'I need to get drunk to tell this person how I feel.' I know a lot of young people feel like that," Lorde told USA Today.
This isn't the first time Lorde has worked with performer and songwriter, Jack Antonoff. She also collaborated with him on the final song of the album, "Perfect Places." The danceable, yet introspective, closer was written last summer in New York according to USA TODAY.
"There's a moment in the song where it's like, 'We pretend that we just don't care, but we care,' " she explains in the same interview. "You like someone so much that you pretend it's whatever. That was my moment of being like, 'Ugh, come on! It's so fun, but what's happening?' Because you do care. Everyone always cares when they say they don't."
As to why it was called "Sober," the artist explains her title choice to a fan saying that she saw it as "a continuation of a 'sober' evening."
Leave it to Lorde to capture a moment that we simultaneously can completely relate to and also want to dance to.
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