Zac Efron Actually Waxed Someone Else's Body Hair

It makes sense that being accepted onto the Baywatch team would require some hard work. If you were keeping tabs on the new summer film, you’d know Zac Efron’s character, Matt Brody, had to undergo some American Gladiator-level training, but that's not the only thing he had to do. In fact, plenty of cast members also had to book their share of spray tans and body waxes — the latter of which occurred even after the movie debuted.
In this case, it was gave rugby player Beau Ryan who had to learn what it takes the hard way. It all started when Efron and co-star Alexandra Daddario appeared on The Footy Show in Australia, where they were tasked to give the athlete a full-body wax. Check it out for yourself, below.
The best part? Knowing that this was Ryan's very first wax — and it happened to be by Efron himself. The whole joke started when the Baywatch actor joked in his interview that in order to be initiated into the red swimsuit crew you must be waxed — “The back, crack, and Zac wax.” Ryan, ever the competitor, seemed up for the challenge.
In the video above you can see Ryan getting lathered in hot blue wax. Daddario did the honors of ripping off his chest hair, while Efron made the ultimate bro move to remove the hair-ridden area between the belly button and pelvic bone. Needless to say, Ryan could barely stand the pain — especially since it took Efron five (!) tries to get off every last hair on his lower abdomen. Talk about a nightmare.
The good news: Ryan can finally join the Baywatch crew. Now, where's our sign-up sheet?
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